Retail Solution

Retail Solution

Retail security systems are critical for protecting your goods, employees, facilities and cash from theft. Dynamic Security is here to help you in developing a comprehensive indoor and outdoor store security strategy, which includes a retail surveillance system and a retail store alarm system. Whether you’re a local specialized store, a supermarket or a multinational department store, the safety of your employees, store and assets are paramount.

We recognize that each business has unique requirements; a small-town boutique has a different layout, employee size, compliance regulations and location than a huge department store with several locations. We’ll collaborate with you to design, install and manage a cutting-edge security system tailored to your store’s specific requirements, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: running a successful and secure business.

Protection from shoplifters

Remote surveillance

Contact tracing

Protection from on-site crime

Smarter Security Solutions For Retail Shops And Malls

Safety is also an issue, with 111,000 violent crimes occurring in retail parking lots and garages each year. With personal safety and store revenue on the line, store owners must examine and upgrade their store security system on a regular basis.

A Revolution In Safety
And Efficiency

Dynamic security can aid from entry and exit points to every place in between that requires careful planning. As a result, smarter security protects your property and improves productivity flow.
Dynamic Security offers safe and sound security solutions to protect the entire building’s premises at all levels.

Our Solution Area

The most Complete and Effective Protection for Your Home and Office

Dynamic Security are proud to be the supplier of choice for New Zealand’s largest access control systems and for some of New Zealand’s most critical and important clients.

Our approach to consultation, design, implementation and ongoing management, based on a culture of partnering with our clients from the outset, enable us to create a bespoke overall solution whilst utilising conventional and non-proprietary products, using best in the market, together with best practice, products, services and techniques at all times.

Retail Security Surveillance System

We are experts in installing all types of retail surveillance camera systems—from a tiny CCTV network to a state-of-the-art, cloud-connected, low-light security camera powerhouse—we recognise that shop security camera systems are an essential component of any retail store security solution.

We also understand that each business is unique, necessitating a customised retail shop security system. Our skilled installers use over a decade of knowledge to identify potential security weaknesses, pick the appropriate combination of wireless retail camera system technologies and then install and CCTV cameras are installed in high-risk regions to mitigate danger.

Our Approach to Clients

Our live streaming cameras aid with distant learning by allowing for actual hands-on demonstrations and labs. They also broadcast school events and ceremonies to individuals who are unable to attend in person.