Service and Maintenance

Similar to everything else that is done the preventive maintenance services usually are built to support you. We have well-planned and compliance approved reactive maintenance through dedicated staff with a service desk.

Here, our aim is to drive the best kind of performance, longevity from different products through perfectly planned measures with effective services of break fix. The technicians also carry all requisite service spares that helps to make sure that the system gets backed up & reliably fast.

However, asset management is also considered to be important and crucial to know about the Alarm Systems, CCTV solutions and Access Control which helps to protect the business and are completely maintained that could prevent the failure that could also avoid external attacks of hacking for your building security.

Also, the Ongoing Maintenance might also get required by council and it is also quite critical to process the hassle-free operations, this makes sure that the electronic door locks with the security footage along with alarm systems which are working & ready.The Security systems requires the regular checks with maintenance for the purpose to replace batteries, update the complete software along with check the general health.

Invest in Service

Our team is ready to hear about your security concerns and come up with the best solutions for your requirements and price range..

Maintenance in Service

In terms of consulting, planning, implementing and maintaining electronic security, we are experts.

Security Service

We offer the best solutions for locks, intercom systems, CCTV security cameras, security alarms, building access systems and ongoing monitoring.

A new era of safety
and efficiency

Every security system requires periodic maintenance to ensure it provides uninterrupted protection. Whether your business invests in a new security system or you already have a system in place, you’ll still need to know how to maintain it and what to do if the system malfunctions. While there are always simple steps that you can take to maintain your system, it’s important that you work with a qualified service provider to ensure that regular inspections are conducted and repairs are taken care of if needed.

The maintenance team offers to provide regular checks through the test of trial evacuation in conjunction through the fire services along with the building managers. We may even report the failures and may also make necessary repairs. Such services are a crucial part that make sure of safe & efficient operation of electronic security systems of Building. We are well authorised to offer the Building Warrants related to Fitness & different issues related to IQP certificates. Thereby, keeping the system updated is crucial & we offer advice & quotes.

Complete Intercom Security

We stay up to date on the rapidly evolving technologies we have in the security market today.

Our certified technicians are well experienced in carrying out regular maintenance of security systems.

Security is an important aspect for all businesses, from large enterprises to small businesses.

Businesses of all sizes are now able to enjoy the benefits of a good security system.

Access Control Systems and for some of New Zealand’s most critical and important client.

We wish that the electronic security system gets the best of the working order. Here, we provide the complete range of maintenance which will identify some faults and inefficiencies prior to causing any such problems. We are glad to provide the extensive array of options that are from the basic to the proper and comprehensive contracts of preventive maintenance.

Our Services


Alarm System

The Alarm System is the initial and foremost point electronic security that offers the perfect strategy for safety. It is the backbone of every domestic, industrial and commercial security strategy. Intruder Alarm System by Dynamic Security is the most invaluable asset that starts to protect you and your family and your business.



Dynamic Security supports a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions, as determined by specific client requirements and considering existing client infrastructure.



An intercom is one or two-way communication system. As a security measure it ensures your onsite team can screen and authenticate everyone who wants to enter your premises. They’re a practical and useful part of any security solutions.


Access Control

Access control refers to restricting access to the room, building, or property of any authorized person. Efficient electronic access control can be achieved by combining electronic cards, locks and/or biometric access readers with the right software.


Design and Installation Services

The Dynamic Security design team follow a risk based approach when working with clients to develop and understand security strategy and how technology and hardware may be used as part of the overall security plan to meet the needs of our clients.


Service and Maintenance

We aim to derive the best performance, longevity and value from all products through planned preventative maintenance and effective break fix services.