Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme NZ – New Zealand

How to Choose the Right Fog Cannon for You?

3 Things You Need to Know About Fog Cannons

Big, Fast cannons make thick fog in your whole shop. Our Fog Cannon is big enough to Fog the average store in 10-15 seconds and a massive 220m2 shop in just 28 seconds!
Easy to use with one-push remote panic button + Spare.
The Fog Cannon Government subsidy is $4,000 and our offer is $4,000 which means no cost to you, that’s right you pay absolutely nothing.

Fog Cannon Subsidy NZ

The great news for our small business and retail community. Most of you can now claim a subsidy of $4000 from the government of New Zealand to install a fog cannon in your business.

Dynamic Security was one of the first Security Companies to be approved under the subsidy scheme. We have installers working around New Zealand to keep our retailers safe.

To qualify for the subsidy, there are three simple criteria.

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1. How We Are Helping Our Retail Community

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2. What To Look For In A Fog Cannon For You

Choose best Fog Cannon security system for your Store

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3. Check Out “The Big Fast Fog Cannon”

How to get install free fog cannon security system in your store

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4. How You Can Qualify For The Subsidy

Eligibility for Fog Cannon Subsidy

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5. How To Apply For The Subsidy

Details for Fog Cannon system

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