Comprehensive Security System Services: Design and Installation in NZ

The installation gets carried out through the installers that have requisite experience
and training.

Before starting work all important health as well as safety requirements must be considered. It will differ for the nature of premises & this might also involve a special set of installation equipment while working in most of the hazardous areas.

Here, Design & Project Management are the most crucial part of a security solution. Getting such designs which are completed from the time will help to save thousands and will also avoid such stress of being wrong in the first place.

However, from small schools and shops to the commercial buildings, a huge chain of retailers with complex industries, the team is perfectly prepared to listen to all the needs, design as well as propose the smartest set of solutions for meeting the budget and needs.

We also focus on the customers from project and design management, for installation, for monitoring along with the ongoing maintenance, which makes a great difference related to approval from Customer.
We are extremely proud to have a highly experienced team, we also hold crucial qualifications & deliver some wonderful solutions to protect the people and assets.

Professional Installation

We have the professionals to do the installation in a professional and perfect way which ensures there are no flaws in installation.

Periodic Maintenance

Our system needs regular maintenance and with our expert team, it is ensured that all the machines are maintained properly and effectively.

Commitment To Safety

We commit to your safety and we ensure to provide the best of services and security through our installed machines and system.

Scope of Design for Intruder Security System

The scope of design also consists of any or all mentioned key and crucial elements of entire system of security management:

Policy enforcement



Threat Level



Access Control

Personnel Safety Systems

Visitor & Contractor Management

Situational Awareness follower with Artificial Intelligence

Dynamic Security are proud to be the supplier of choice for New Zealand’s largest access control systems and for some of New Zealand’s most critical and important clients.

We bring you home security technology that fits your family and adapts to the changes your lifestyle goes through.Here, our main aim is to simply add real value irrespective of how we respond to the request through detailed specifications and even designing absolutely new systems.

Much of the thoughts are in this design, quoting as well as presentation of the process so you will be able to know what you get and what are the benefits. We professionally manage the project with installation, working on trades, the site managers and it also makes sure with a smooth & effective process. We ensure that we deal with the issues whenever they arise.

Additional Features Of The Security!

If required, we can even add the smoke detectors along with the security system and hence making sure that these are well powered, well backed up with the battery. It is also perfectly monitored by an alarm system that helps to quickly respond to fire.

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Our Services


Alarm System

The Alarm System is the initial and foremost point electronic security that offers the perfect strategy for safety. It is the backbone of every domestic, industrial and commercial security strategy. Intruder Alarm System by Dynamic Security is the most invaluable asset that starts to protect you and your family and your business.



Dynamic Security supports a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions, as determined by specific client requirements and considering existing client infrastructure.



An intercom is one or two-way communication system. As a security measure it ensures your onsite team can screen and authenticate everyone who wants to enter your premises. They’re a practical and useful part of any security solutions.


Access Control

Access control refers to restricting access to the room, building, or property of any authorized person. Efficient electronic access control can be achieved by combining electronic cards, locks and/or biometric access readers with the right software.


Design and Installation Services

The Dynamic Security design team follow a risk based approach when working with clients to develop and understand security strategy and how technology and hardware may be used as part of the overall security plan to meet the needs of our clients.


Service and Maintenance

We aim to derive the best performance, longevity and value from all products through planned preventative maintenance and effective break fix services.