Our Story

Welcome to our story! Dynamic Security was founded in 2020 by Nik Prajapati. At the time Nik was working as a security engineer on projects for some of New Zealand’s foremost institutions he noticed that even banks, corporates and property developers were not always getting the best solutions for their specific needs. Nik explains “I have seen many examples where clients would have benefited from closer collaboration with the Electronic Security Companies. Security technology touches on many business functions so failing to work through the detail can result in very significant costs to the client in terms of usability and performance.” The second problem I saw was that by the later stages of the construction process, security technology had often evolved by one or two generations from the technology that was available during the early design stage. When you look closely at the solution, clients were getting stuck with technology that was lacking important functionality with lower specifications. In some cases, the security architecture required higher long terms operational costs including staffing or even real estate than that of current technology.

We founded Dynamic Security and set out to solve these problems through ongoing collaboration throughout the pre-build and build cycle. We believe that as our client you deserve the best solution available designed around your specific situation.

Today we help our commercial clients achieve their core mission not just by creating a secure environment, but we can sometimes reduce ongoing operational costs. We do this by creating a solution that fits the organisation and the longer-term environment in which it operates.

Where it all started

To understand Dynamic Security you need to understand how it all started. Nik came from humble beginnings in a small Indian called town called Thara. As the son of a local brickmaker grew up, Nik’s dream was to run a successful business and help his community (just like his father did in his community).

Nik recalls “I learned some important aspects of running a business during childhood. My dad worked very long and hard days. He always taught me if you work hard and do good for your clients, they will be happy, and you will be respected in the town.”

Another important virtue I learned is unity; this includes, collaborating for a common purpose, and supporting those who need help. Nik remembers clearly how people visited his dad asking for help or money and his dad always gave them something. Many of these things have stuck with me and have become part of our values at Dynamic Security.

After completing my engineering degree, I moved to New Zealand in 2015 where I worked for several leading Security Technology Companies while continuing business studies and progressed to senior engineer and project manager.

I am grateful for much of my progress to the input of good mentors, working with some “New Zealand Security Industry gurus” has not only enabled me to become better technically but has enabled me to successfully manage multifaceted projects and teams on some of New Zealand’s biggest security projects.

Niks vision is to become the leading Security Technology provider in Australasia. His approach is simple, close collaboration with clients and within our team to provide excellence in solution design and implementation.

Our company values

As a team, we know who we are and what we are about. Our technicians are employed directly with us and regularly take part in team and training days these are the values that are part of us.


We do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. This applies internally to team members and externally to clients, partners or third parties.


Customer service and quality require structure, focus and hard work. We don’t just try! Instead, we do what it takes to get the results for you. This means we put the resources, systems, training and staff in place to get the results for you.


If we make a mistake or something goes wrong, we communicate this early to those affected and we bring a solution to put it right.

Collaboration (unity)

Starts with an understanding of others. Once we understand each other we work towards our common objectives this value serves the customer, our team members as individuals, and the team as a whole.

Fun and Happiness

We love what we do, and we believe it is important to have fun and celebrate people and success along the way. When we have fun our team is happy and our clients are happy and we think that is worthwhile.

Health and Safety and Inclusivity (unity)

We appreciate and celebrate the fact that we are all individuals with differences in culture, gender, and beliefs. We value and respect all people and so keeping them safe is paramount. We respect and care for each person whether they are clients, team members, or third parties.

We care for our planet (unity)

We select our vehicles and supply chain components with sustainability in mind. We purchase wisely avoiding single-use plastics where possible. Our vehicle fleet is mostly (71%) made up of electric and hybrid vehicles. We plan to become 100% electric when tow vehicle options become viable.

We give back to our community (unity)

When you use Dynamic Security you feed New Zealand kids in need. We contribute monthly to KidsCan and we currently support 15 Children with food, healthcare, and education. We intend to double our contributions by 2024.

Our Story


Intercom System

Access Control

Service and Maintenance

High quality image for all applications, they include bullet, cube, dome and box cameras with high quality fixed or vari-focal lenses.

Dynamic Security combines three valuable features – Overview, Zoom and Tracking – to be able to automatically track any suspicious object over a wide area.

Integrating the intercom system with your access and security systems can not only improve your security system but also allows for better communication.

With the use of intercoms, you can see or hear who is at your door.

Access control refers to restricting access to the room, building or property of any authorized person. Efficient electronic access control can be achieved by combining electronic cards, locks and access readers with the right software.

Access control systems in organizations are integrated with their security alarm systems, to create a better safety solution. It goes without saying that whether it’s a small or medium-sized business or a large enterprise, everyone benefits from having a decent access control system in place.

Physical security frameworks are a must for most businesses today. Security is an important aspect for all businesses, from large enterprises to small businesses. New technology available in the market, wireless technology and the advances made in access control and video surveillance has made security systems more accessible than ever before.

As a result, businesses of all sizes are now able to enjoy the benefits of a good security system – one that allows them to protect their employees, customers and assets cost-effectively.

What Client Say About us

As a team, we know who we are and what we are about. Our technicians are employed directly with us and regularly take part in team and training days these are the values that are part of us.