Technology Trends

Technology Trend #1

A survey of leading security publications points to the growing uptake of these seven technology solutions during 2022.

1. Fog Cannons for theft prevention and staff safety
2. Mobile and Bluetooth credentials replacing access swipe cards
3. Access Control and CCTV from anywhere with mobile apps
4. Analytics and AI Making CCTV for event capture and data.
5. Active Deterrents, CCTV fights back!
6. Vehicle and parking technologies save money and time.
7. Cloud Based Security Systems adoption rising.

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Technology Trend #2

Bluetooth credentials replacing access cards in SMEs

Bluetooth credentials are becoming more common in New Zealand as they provide an easy convenient way of providing building access. A new staff member or client can be given credentials easily and simply by sending a link to their phone. The phone can then be held near the card reader in the same way you would with a swipe card. This is particularly useful when the administrator is not on site to pass on a physical card or key fob.

Gallaghers SMB Access Control System allows phone credentials to be added with ease. This adds a new level of security when granting access to outside parties or temporary building users.

A particular user’s onsite activity can still be tracked to them personally for attendance reporting. The credential can also be revoked automatically after a set number of days or when needed.

Another major New Zealand Manufacturer ICT (Integrated Control Technology) provide Bluetooth credentials as an option too. The credential can be used on its own or as part of a two-factor identification alongside an access card for higher levels of security.

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Alarm System

The Alarm System is the initial and foremost point electronic security that offers the perfect strategy for safety. It is the backbone of every domestic, industrial and commercial security strategy. Intruder Alarm System by Dynamic Security is the most invaluable asset that starts to protect you and your family and your business.



Dynamic Security supports a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions, as determined by specific client requirements and considering existing client infrastructure.



An intercom is one or two-way communication system. As a security measure it ensures your onsite team can screen and authenticate everyone who wants to enter your premises. They’re a practical and useful part of any security solutions.


Access Control

Access control refers to restricting access to the room, building, or property of any authorized person. Efficient electronic access control can be achieved by combining electronic cards, locks and/or biometric access readers with the right software.


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The Dynamic Security design team follow a risk based approach when working with clients to develop and understand security strategy and how technology and hardware may be used as part of the overall security plan to meet the needs of our clients.


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