Construction Site Security Solutions in NZ: Explore our Robust Systems

Construction Solution

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing structure, each construction project requires a significant amount of planning, materials and time – which is why protecting your site is critical. Break-ins, vandalism, equipment damage, fire and other threats can occur both inside and outside construction sites.

Fortunately, Dynamic Security is here to assist. Dynamic Security offers integrated security solutions for construction sites across the country. We have a program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of new buildings and old renovations. Dynamic security allows you to implement technology and services that are not available anywhere else, built around our proprietary verified audio & video detection process and supported by a team of installation, service and monitoring professionals.

Security for equipment

Security for workers

Security for building materials

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Smarter Security Solutions For Retail Shops And Malls

Dynamic Security helps to secure your construction site so that no Firms lose money when they replace stolen materials and equipment as downtime causes project delays and insurance premiums rise after claims are filed. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive construction site security system that includes video surveillance, access control and burglar alarm systems.

Construction Surveillance Cameras

We install construction security cameras designed specifically for construction sites. These construction site surveillance camera systems are waterproof, heat resistant & portable and can operate without power or Internet access.

Alarm System For Construction Sites

Our construction site alarm system monitors the job site and alerts us when an intruder is detected, as well as recording when an event is detected. Dynamic Security’s technicians supplement a well-planned system of construction site surveillance cameras with a construction alarm system.

Intercom Systems

Our intercom systems enable better communication across the construction site and provide better situational awareness and also help if the site is very huge.

A Revolution In Safety
And Efficiency

Dynamic security can help from entry and exit points to every area in between that requires careful planning. As a result, smarter security protects your property and improves productivity flow.

Our Solution Area

The Most Comprehensive And Effective Construction Security

Dynamic Security is proud to be the preferred supplier for New Zealand’s largest access control systems as well as some of the country’s most critical and important clients.

Our approach to consultation, design, implementation and ongoing management is based on a culture of partnering with our clients from the start, allowing us to create a bespoke overall solution while utilizing conventional and non-proprietary products, best in market, products, services and techniques at all times.

Our Approach to Clients

We take a long-term approach to our client relationships, so we ensure that the security solutions we provide are fit for purpose in the long run and capable of scaling in line with the client’s needs and requirements over time.