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A Dynamic Security integrated security solution not only provides maximum protection for students, staff and school property, but it also ensures a safe environment, which helps to increase school enrollments and supports the nature of administration.

Student’s Security

Teacher’s Security

Staff’s Security

School Premises Security

Smarter Security Solutions For Schools And Colleges

Dynamic Security helps to secure your school so that educators can teach and students can learn.

School Security Cameras

School security cameras help faculty and administration monitor and safeguard those on school and college premises.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are intended to detect intrusions and monitor violations on school premises by sounding an alarm, when anything is detected.

School Transport Surveillance Cameras

The RFID-Based School Transport Tracking and Security System employs video surveillance systems in vehicles, allowing the driver to monitor both the inside and outside of the bus.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems enable better communication across school campuses and provide better situation awareness whether in routine announcements or in emergency cases.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems use credentials such as cards or key Fobs to identify the correct individual and grant authorized entry only.

Distance Learning Systems

Distance learning systems connect the community to school activities and learning sessions in novel and innovative ways.

A Revolution In Safety
And Efficiency

Dynamic security can aid from entry and exit points to every place in between that requires careful planning. As a result, smarter security protects your property and improves productivity flow.

Our connected video surveillance, audio and access control technology provides you with greater visibility, control and communication across your school district or campus. We assist you in preventing or mitigating security incidents before they escalate by using intelligent analytics that provide early threat detection.

Our Solution Area

Real-Time Incident Detection and Response

Dynamic Security prepares you for a wide range of safety threats, including bullying, fights and behavioural flare-ups, as well as playground accidents, weather emergencies and the rare active assailant. When combined with powerful audio and video analytics, our video surveillance cameras provide early incident detection and situational awareness to your security teams. Threats can then be isolated by remotely locking school doors using automated access control. Furthermore, network speakers can assist you in broadcasting critical safety information from connected classroom intercoms or mobile devices.

We assist our education clients in making the best informed, long-term decisions that support their security goals while spending as little as possible of their limited resources to assist those with a thirst for knowledge.

We are assisting those with large multi-campus and multi-use environments, as well as the local school, in addressing their various security concerns.

Secure School Property and Premises

Secure School Property and Premises

Intelligent Dynamic Security surveillance technology can be used to combat minor vandalism as well as more serious crimes such as breaking, entering and arson.Better manage vehicle access, loitering and access to restricted areas such as rooftops and athletic fields to protect school property. If an incident occurs, our technology allows you to remotely monitor your perimeter and identify the perpetrators. In addition to safeguarding school property, early detection of risky behaviour can save students lives and save your school from costly litigation.

Reliable Technology for a Changing World

Our live streaming cameras aid with distant learning by allowing for actual hands-on demonstrations and labs. They also broadcast school events and ceremonies to individuals who are unable to attend in person.