Hospitality Security Solutions in NZ | Ensure Guest Safety


If a hospitality brand is to thrive, its technology must develop in sync with the needs of its customers. Hotels, restaurants, casinos may all benefit from our scalable and integrated hospitality solutions platform which allows for the intelligent and efficient delivery of exceptional guest experiences.

Increase flexibility

Intelligent and actionable strategy

Seamless integration

Consistent delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Guests may use a myriad of amenities and have a memorable experience with absolute confidentiality between crew and clients.

Physical Security

We have the experience to develop and implement a physical security system that’ll meet all your requirements.

Video Surveillance

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we will design a combination that can meet the standards of any organization.

Visitor Management

If your guests are pre-registered, your access control system may be set up to monitor their whereabouts.

Access Control

Our team collaborates with customers to ascertain ideal security & develop strategy for putting it into action.

Intrusion Alert

Using magnetic contacts, motion detection and laser barriers we notify authorities as per your instructions.


Using biometrics like facial recognition, iris scan you can provide your coworkers safe access to the building.

Safety that ensures cherished moments

Dynamic security keeps visitors safe without interfering with regular business. Solutions formerly independent must function together with features tailored to each property.

Comfort and simplicity of use for system administrators and the people they are tasked with protecting are paramount. This can only be achieved by catering to the needs of those using the building. Due to the dynamic nature of the sector, we realize the need to employ security staff who are competent and have impeccable manners and respect for guests.

We at Dynamic Security take pride in providing comprehensive and efficient solutions and our top-notch security technology enables hospitality establishments to reduce their operating expenses and improve overall operational efficacy.

Our Solution Area

Enhance brand image

From the first welcome to the last, we will offer security that is both professional and personable for your hotel visitors.

Our Approach To Security

Hospitality is one of the most tech-driven industries. Top hotels use technology to provide guests the greatest experience possible during their stay. It is only reasonable that the hotel industry’s safety and security measures measure up to those of other sectors.

Dynamic Security spent years perfecting the process of assessing customer needs and delivering tailor-made security solutions. As leaders in the field, we saw a need for a centralized platform that would allow for mobile and web-based management of your venue’s security.

Our team can advise you on how to effectively use technological resources in order to construct a risk-based security infrastructure.

Dynamic Security improves communication between security personnel and hospitality establishments. Contact us for a demonstration or consultation.