Integrating the intercom system with your access and security systems can not only improve your security system but also allows for better communication. With the use of intercoms, you can see or hear who is at your door.

Why Invest in an Intercom?

Intercoms are perfect for buildings that are frequented by people, with the best example being commercial buildings. So, let’s say, a courier arrives at the building’s front door and requests entry to deliver something to the 10th floor. With the help of an appropriate intercom system in place, the receptionist can press a button to create an access path, providing accurate logging and audit trail.

Why Choose Us?

We have a range of intercoms that cover all applications and budgets, from modest offices to iconic multi-storey buildings. Our systems are fast and easy to install and highly reliable, so you save time on every task.

Our range offers a non-proprietary, open standard solution which can act as both an independent point-to-point intercom system, as well as integrated with your electronic access control system for added capability.

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