Duress Systems

Duress Systems

A Duress System is a network of wireless mobile devices which keep workers in touch with other personnel. To ensure a duress alarm to be effective, it should always be simple as a person in a highly stressful situation can’t be expected to stop and think their way through a complex series of steps.

Why Invest in a Duress System?

In the case of an emergency attack, a Duress Alarm could be the only thing standing in the way between life and death. The Duress buttons provide all the help that responders need in order to assist a user in an emergency. With traditional Duress systems, you see the mediator providing information to a third-party monitoring station on the emergency response while the victim waits to be rescued.

Why Choose Us?

Our network-based wireless Duress buttons can be implemented at a campus, a facility, or anywhere across the nation. When pressed, a sensor gets triggered, which instantly sends emergency information to first responders. Delivery methods may include computer software, phone, text messaging, email, or two-way radio. These allow users to customise specific responses based upon the activated sensors. The user also gets to decide how they want to customise the assigning of every individual alarm to activate an individual response.