Access Control

Access Control

Access control refers to restricting access to the room, building, or property of any authorized person. Efficient electronic access control can be achieved by combining electronic cards, locks, and/or biometric access readers with the right software. Oftentimes, the access control systems in organizations are integrated with their security alarm systems, to create a better safety solution. It goes without saying that whether it’s a small or medium-sized business or a large enterprise, everyone benefits from having a decent access control system in place.

Access Control System

Why Invest in Access Control?

Having an Access Control system can help you avoid the need to re-key your entire building every time a tenant or an employee goes, while helping keep track of time and attendance, which can help boost employee performance at work. It also brings down the possibility of any hazards by keeping unauthorised workers or unwanted elements away from high-risk areas at a workplace or anywhere near your house.

Why Choose Us?

Visual elements of access control systems are usually electronic locks, access cards, and card readers, with the latter being compatible with most access control systems. However, the real hero is the software as that manages all these access control systems! The flexibility that most of these systems offer mean that your building is fully automated, including lift control, air conditioning, lighting, energy management, and more.

You can expect our staff to provide you with a site survey to help us determine the ideal access control system for your business. Using only the best available access control technology, our staff will suggest the best solution for your site. In choosing the right solution for you, we will always begin with taking into consideration your development needs, convenience, and integration with your CCTV installation system and home alarm system, as well as all any operational requirements.